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Highly innovative Slovak SME has invented a new seed treating method - hydrostimulation - for higher crop yields in water deprived regions and is looking for partners for testing of this technology

Slovak SME specializes in ecological innovative chemistry, consulting, and research & development of new solutions for clients in various industries, agriculture, and transportation has invented a new seed treating method - hydrostimulation - for higher crop yields in water deprived regions.

Concept of hydrostimulating seed treatment was developed as a response to a serious problem of drought in agriculture. It is a unique seed coating method for higher seed emergence and crop yields in water deprived regions. It uses a superabsorbing polymer which has a great ability to absorb into its structures 200-500 times of water to own weight and release the captured water gradually in times of drought. As a result, crops treated by hydrostimulating agent have more moisture available to support the process of germination and the first phase of growth. Based on preliminary experiments and field tests following results have been achieved for hydrostimulation treated seeds: a) higher hectare yields by 10-15% b) higher seed emergence by 30-50% c) lower water demand by 30-40% in the first stage of seed growth. The innovativeness of hydrostimulation seed treatment concept consists of the product composition and seed treating procedure performed directly in existing coating facilities of seed companies. Changing climate conditions cause that the demand for solutions tackling the drought issue is growing. Based on the OECD?s report from 2016, 60% of the global population will face water issues by 2050 and up to 50% yield lost is estimated by the same year in some African countries. That is why the potential of hydrostimulation of seeds is significant and global. Just for the targeted market in Europe, the market potential reaches 100 mil. ?. The ambition of this solution for the future is to become a standard for seeds used in arid and semi-arid regions. Target customer for this concept is the seed treating company around the globe producing and distributing treated seeds to dry regions. Final user for hydrostimulation treated seeds is a farmer located in hyper arid to semi-arid regions around the world. Slovak SME believes that this concept has a great potential to participate in fighting against negative impact of drought on agriculture.
They are looking for a partner to develop cooperation on the verification of the effectiveness of hydrostimulating treatment on different crops in different regions. As this technology is nowadays in a testing phase, they would like to gain contacts on institutions, which could be helpful with the testing of this technology. Within this context, the preferred type of cooperation is via joint venture agreement or via technical cooperation agreement.

» Reference: TOSK20171013001/

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