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Polish company specialized in injection moulding seeks a manufacturing agreement.

A Polish design and production company dealing with injection moulding, especially by offering innovative packaging solutions for automotive industry, textile sector and home furnishings is seeking partners under a manufacturing agreement.

Partnership(s) sought
  • Manufacturing agreement
Descripción completa

This is a Polish design and production company specialized in injection moulding of plastic products and components. The firm operates on the market for more than 10 years and throughout that time has been cooperating with various enterprises: OEM producers and manufacturing companies representing automotive industry, textile sector, home furnishings and many more.
Most of their products solve problems with efficient packaging with no impact on the product itself. For instant, they have developed and manufactured stackable trays for gearcases, clutch discs, oil coolers and connection rods which can be reused and are recyclable what is essential with one-way packaging. As for textile sector, they have developed reusable and completely collapsible boxes for storing and distribution of clothes from store to shop. This solution has reduced the use of one-way cardboard boxes by 70%. The company has also developed and manufactured other packaging products like stackable plastic pallets and collapsible boxes suitable for various sectors
They can assists their clients in each step, from idea to final product including construction drawing, 3d prototype, test samples and test runs which can be done, because they have necessary resources and are flexible in terms of test batches and small runs.
The company has a vast international experience, especially in automotive sector. Due to Swedish roots of the owner and his connection with Scandinavian businesses, they find it pretty easy to establish new relations, especially in Northern Europe.
Considering their capacity and resources, currently they wish to develop new relations on EU market in terms of manufacturing agreements and by offering transport and logistics solutions.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: A potential partner in case of manufacturing agreement could be a company complementing the services and products described above or a company with ideas for new injection moulding solutions used in manufacturing and transportation process. An international experience is not vital in this case. Companies in need of new ideas for packaging reducing costs, with minimal impact on environment and with no harm to the product itself are sought.

Advantages & innovations:

For the largest products they use an injection moulding machine with 1700 tons clamping force which handles up to 20 kg material per shot. Their machine park and knowledge of mould design allows them to produce very large products in small runs and volumes.
For OEM producers and manufacturing industry they have developed transport packages that simplify materials handling and logistics. Their packages eliminate the need for separate insertions and fillings in different materials. They make product adapted packages that can be used throughout the clients' production flow. They replace dirty and unwieldy materials with clean, manageable and recyclable plastic. For one-way packaging the company installs recycling units with grinding machines. It is optimal logistics with minimal environmental impact.

Clasificado como: Manufactura Industrial Tecnologías de Materiales Otras Tecnologías Industriales Industria

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