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An Israeli company specializing in design and manufacturing advanced machine systems to grade/sort fruits and vegetables for packing houses is looking for commercial agency agreement

An Israeli SME designs and produces advanced equipment to automate packing houses for fresh post-harvest production. Advantages include fast quality detection via developed near infra-red technology, highly accurate weighing via specially designed numerous cup/roller graders, clear categorizing the product by color, size, diameter, texture/external defects via advanced optic system with high quality color digital cameras, etc. The company seeks commercial agency/distribution services agreement

Partnership(s) sought
  • Distribution services agreement Commercial agency agreement
Descripción completa

The Israeli company was established in 1935 as a developer of innovative agricultural equipment and since then develops, designs and manufactures various machine systems for sorting, conveying various products, weighing every single fruit, packing, washing etc. They provide turnkey solutions to handle post-harvest production. Each project is customized and produced in the company's factory. As a boutique, the company focuses on tailor-made solutions that fit the client's specific needs. The company differs in design creativity and flexibility at the same product prices as its competitors worldwide.
The company develops machine and machine systems. The latter manage entire process, from receiving fruits and vegetables to dumping, hot water treatment, cleaning, waxing, drying, sorting and grading all the way to packing. The offered machine systems are based on the latest technologies, ensure reliability, high quality service and applicability for vast variety of industries. The machine systems ensure only the best products to enter packing via weight sizing: numerous cup and roller graders have been designed especially for each product. The various graders are divided by preassigned parameters. Each grader comes with a very accurate weighing system that weighs each fruit and grades it according to the client settings.
Advanced optical systems are equipped with exclusive technologies for QA of fruits and vegetables (internal and external defects monitoring). Optical grading is performed according to size, color and external defects: the developed optic system serves as another tool to get high quality products. The optic system includes high quality color digital cameras scanning the surface of each product. Here the products are categorized by color, size, diameter, texture defects and external defects. Each product quality is calculated combining these parameters according to customer settings.
Internal grading uses the proprietary near infrared (NIR) technology. NIR system special wavelength rays penetrate into product and analyze its chemical properties. The technology does not harm the product and results in the best quality products to be outside, while considering their internal part. A customer can set the parameters grading each product, either by a separate parameter or by combination of few.
Unlike most of its competitors, the company machines are made only of stainless steel so that they can be washed with no risk of rust and maintain food safety. Thanks to its close contact to top scientists at the world-known Volcanic Institute and the Institute of Agricultural Engineering of Israel Ministry of Agriculture, the company is the only one to implement and commercialize their common developed solutions.
The company operates in more than 30 countries around the world. They have 3 working parts (based in Southern California, Mexico and Costa Rica) engaged in installations, service, marketing and customer retention. There have been recently signed representation agreements with a Chinese and an Indian companies.
To enlarge international sales, the company searches partners to cooperate both under commercial agency and distribution services agreement. The company needs the partners to represent it (its products) and the distributors to buy the production for sale to their local clients. The partners may be private, large and advanced farmers, their cooperatives, corporate and retail chains, distributors who sell complementary products to packing houses.
The company provides installation and accompaniment for its partner up to full operation of the packing house as well as technical support. The priority is given to those providing on-site technical support after installation

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: -TYPE - business, trade

-ACTIVITY - distributor / agent / representative (companies) with experience/ knowledge in agricultural aspects (fresh fruits and vegetables) and contacts in packaging community.
These are marketing companies dealing with fresh post-harvest production.
Distributors working with packaging factories, buying variety of accompanying goods for packaging.
Companies who sell equipment / machines for packaging factories

-ROLE - to manage picking up the suitable clients out of clientele, to sell the machinery to local customers and to provide for constant after-sale service.

Advantages & innovations:

Active use of developed innovative technologies allows the following advantages.
-Products design creativity and flexibility, solving problems in suitable and customized way result in production prices to keep competitive worldwide.
-Unlike most competitors, the company manufactures its machines only of stainless steel so providing for no risk of rust under washing and food safety maintenance.
- Near infrared technology testing post-harvest quality guarantees integral high quality of quite various fruits and vegetables
- Sanitation systems are also the most advanced in the world, developed in cooperation with world known Volcanic Institute.
- Advanced technologies developed in cooperation with Volcanic Institute and the Institute of Agricultural Engineering of Israel Ministry of Agriculture
- Friendly and easy-to-operate software
-The company is the only one to provide a mechanical solution for sorting and packing sweet potatoes

Development Stage:

Already on the market

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