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An Israeli developer and manufacturer of products for easy injection ways of various medical formulations is looking for manufacturing / subcontracting and other agreements

An Israeli company, specializing in development of injectable drug delivery technologies, has manufactured and offers to the market an innovative family of products. Advantages include successful combination of automatic and self-injection features, needle concealment, reduction in fear / pain associated with a needle, manual control of injection speed, etc. The company is looking for manufacturing/subcontracting, licensing and services agreement.

Partnership(s) sought
  • Services agreement License agreement Manufacturing agreement Subcontracting
Descripción completa

The Israeli SME develops automatic syringes (auto-injectors), protected needles and other means for injectable drugs - both for use by patients in need to inject themselves at home, and for use of a medical staff to inject patients. Some products are owned by the company and manufactured by subcontractors, other are under company development and owned by the partner. Most of the products are intended for sale to pharmaceutical companies that will pack and market them with their drugs to end users.
One of the auto-injectors they invented and developed was launched in Japan in cooperation with a large US pharmaceutical company. Other projects exist with pharma and syringe producers.
The company develops injectable drug delivery technologies ? from product concept to commercialization. They bring over 20 years of experience in developing drug delivery technologies from product concept through regulatory approvals to commercialization
The company exhibits at conferences and events, various exhibitions abroad to introduce the new product line of safe auto-needles. Now, in the context of the safe auto-injectors and safe auto-needles developed, there come customers from other US and EU pharmaceutical companies, Canada, Japan and India, and other interested in the products.
The company offers to the market an innovative new line of customizable unique solutions: safe automatic needles (safe auto-needles) for use with any type of glass and plastic syringes, vials or cartridges ? for major pharma, generic and biosimilar companies. The offered family of injectors delivers easy injection of a wide range of medical formulations for patients with a variety of needs. The safe auto-needles are designed ? and can be customized ? for use with all types of syringes or primary drug containers: conventional plastic hypodermics, single- or dual-chamber prefilled syringes made of glass, plastic or vials.
A new family line includes several products: 1) for drugs coming in a prefilled glass syringe with a needle attached to the syringe, 2) for drugs in regular syringes (instead of a standard needle, a newly developed one is connected), 3) for drugs coming in vials that require pumping and 4) mixing prior to injection, 5) a protected needle for use with a regular and prefilled syringes. Additional products are in the pipeline.
In order to minimize injection-related pain, a significant majority of patients prefer to control injection speed whilst also benefiting from the features of autoinjectors.
The developed products offer a unique combination of features, from autoinjectors and prefilled/safety syringes: automatic needle insertion, hidden needle and passive sharps protection, reducing anxiety and perceived pain (associated with needles) combined with manual control of injection speed, reducing pain (associated with fast injections). Except for common advantages in use, each product of the family has its own special features conditioned by its specific application.
As far as international requirements and standards are concerned, some products will require FDA / CE approval, etc. for a syringe / needle itself, but some will require approval together with the drug.
The company is looking for: 1) customers - pharmaceutical companies, biotech / biosimilar and generic companies, manufacturing injectable generics and drugs ? for manufacturing / subcontracting agreement, 2) strategic partners ? companies manufacturing disposable medical devices ? injector syringes, needles, who want to add the offered products to their portfolio to sell to pharmaceutical companies producing drugs ? for licensing agreement; 3) the companies locating 1) and 2) ? business companies specialized in the field - under services agreement

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: -Type - industry, business

-Activity ? 1)The sought customers are pharmaceutical companies, biologic drug / biosimilar companies, those manufacturing injectable generics and drugs ? for manufacturing / subcontracting agreement,
2) Strategic partners ? companies manufacturing disposable medical devices ? injector syringes, needles, who want to add the offered products to their portfolio for further sale to pharmaceutical companies producing drugs ? for licensing agreement;
3) the companies locating 1-st and 2-nd groups ? business companies specialized in the field - under services agreement

-Role - 1) pharma companies - to customize and use the offered products, to sell them, also customized, together with their injectable drugs,
2) manufacturers of syringes / needles / disposable devices ? to customize and market the resulting (offered) products as a part of their portfolio for sale to the 1 group, they produce and market the offered products,
3) business companies: a) locating and linking the company to pharmaceutical companies worldwide that are relevant as customers to offered products - automatic syringes and needles for drugs, b) locating and linking the company to strategic partners around the world - who may be interested in the offered products - for the purpose of production / marketing / joint development / investment in completing the following development.

Advantages & innovations:

The innovative products are constructed the way enabling:
1) a combination of features from both automatic syringes and self-injection of drugs: needle concealment, automatic needle insertion and needle protection at the end of the injection (to reduce fear and pain associated with the needle) versus a function of manual controlling the speed of injecting the drug (the opportunity does not exist in automatic syringes) - to reduce the pain associated with rapid injection of the drug.
2) the patient to control the drug injection speed for maximum comfort.
3) consistent needle penetration depth and angle with automatic needle insertion.
4) reduction in needle phobia and perception of pain by hiding the needle.
5) prevention of needlestick injuries and transmission of infectious diseases from contaminated needles.
The addition of the company injector boosts the value of the medication for your patient: reduced perception of pain, less anxiety, and better adherence to treatment plans.
The company has developed unique solutions for the injection of the drug that comes in vials.

Development Stage:

Already on the market


Patents granted - Some US and EU patents granted, 2011, other international patent applications pending

Clasificado como: Manufactura Industrial Medicine and Health Industria

» Reference: BOIL20180806005

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