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Anti-Agglomeration Behavior and Sensing Assay of Chlorsulfuron Based on Acetamiprid-Gold Nanoparticles

Monitoring of low levels of chlorsulfuron in environmental water samples is important. Although several detection methods have been developed, they all have some drawbacks, such as being time-consuming, requiring expensive instruments and experienced operators, and consuming large volumes of organic solvents. There is an urgent need for a simple, rapid, and inexpensive detection method for chlorsulfuron. Herein, such a method was developed using anti-aggregation of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) in the presence of acetamiprid in agricultural irrigation water samples. Aggregation of the AuNPs was induced by acetamiprid, and this produced a distinct color change from Bordeaux red to blue. However, the strong hydrogen bonding interaction between chlorsulfuron and acetamiprid could inhibit AuNP aggregation. The effect of chlorsulfuron on the anti-agglomeration behavior of AuNPs was monitored by ultraviolet–visiblespectroscopy (UV-Vis) and the naked eye over a concentration range 0.1–100 mg/L. The detection limit for chlorsulfuron was 0.025 mg/L (signal-to-noise ratio of three). This colorimetric method was successfully applied to the determination of chlorsulfuron in spiked tap water and agricultural irrigation water with satisfactory recoveries (76.3%–94.2%).

» Author: Guangyang Liu

» Reference: doi: 10.3390/nano8070499

» Publication Date: 06/07/2018

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