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Moldmaking Lessons Learnt From Braunform’s 40-Year Success Story

Success can be elusive, especially among small to mid-sized plastics processors and moldmakers. There are some good lessons to be learned from larger companies when it comes to achieving enduring success, and Braunform GmbH (Bahlingen an Endingen, Germany) offers some pointers, as it celebrates a 40-year success story as a leading supplier of injection molds and cleanroom molding in Europe.

Braunform’s customer-focused orientation requires “continuous development of the latest technologies, predictive investments in machinery and infrastructure,” as well as the knowledge of each of its 350 employees. In addition to meeting the highest quality requirements for a moldmaker, Braunform pays particular attention to the mold concept, including injection molding simulation to identify and avoid potential molding defects. At the same time, systematic quality planning and cycle time reduction are a focus to ensure optimal processes and improved product performance.

Braunform believes it is essential to integrate the know-how of the moldmaker and the plastics processing technicians when analyzing the optimum mold design and molding parameters. “The target is to offer a complete package of possibilities to the customer,” said the company, “increasing production efficiency and ensuring maximum quality of the final product—the plastic part.”

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» Publication Date: 08/08/2017

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