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Living 3,4?(Co)Polymerization of Isoprene/Myrcene and One?Pot Synthesis of Polyisoprene Blend Catalyzed by Binuclear Rare Earth Complexes Bearing the Bridged Amidinate Ligand

Mononuclear amidinate yttrium complex C?H?C(NR)?Y(o?CH?C?H?NMe?)? (R = 2,6?iPr?C?H?) and a series of binuclear rare?earth?metal complexes bearing a bridged amidinate ligand [(RN)?C(CH?)?C(NR)?][Ln(CH?C?H?(o?NMe?))?]?(R = 2,6?iPr?C?H?, Ln = Y, Lu, Sc) were synthesized and fully characterized. The catalytic behavior of these complexes for (co)polymerization of conjugated dienes such as isoprene and myrcene in the presence of cocatalyst [Ph?C][B(C?F?)?] was investigated. These catalytic systems show impressive high activity and 3,4 regio?selectivity in livingness fashion. The binuclear bridged amidinate yttrium catalytic system exhibits not only the highest activity among the reported catalytic systems for 3,4?polymerization of isoprene but also the steady livingness from ?20 to 80 oC. Compared with the dramatic drop of 3,4?selectivity for mononuclear analogue, the binuclear catalytic system still shows moderate 3,4?selectivity at 80 ?C. Moreover, a facile one?pot synthetic strategy of polymer blend containing 3,4? and 1,4?polyisoprene was also established through the in situ modification of the active amidinate yttrium species by addition of excess amount of AlMe?.

» Author: Xiaying Yu, Meng Li, Jianquan Hong, Xigeng Zhou, Lixin Zhang

» Reference: doi:10.1002/chem.201804944

» Publication Date: 07/12/2018

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