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The KraussMaffei Rent-it programme - The injection moulding machine can now be rented

Why notrent an injection moulding machine, rather than buy one? CMJ Kunststofftechnikis setting store by the KraussMaffei Rent-it business model. Decisive argumentsfor renting instead of buying the new all-electric PX 80-380 injection mouldingmachine were above all the prospect of a machine that is alwaysstate-of-the-art, more flexibility in production and reliable financialplanning.

CMJKunststofftechnik is a young, aspiring company in the region ofFreyung-Grafenau in Lower Bavaria/Germany. "The new Rent-it offer fromKraussMaffei is ideal for our purposes. It provides us with the opportunity toalways be in step with the state of the art and to offer our customers the bestproduction opportunities on affordable terms. This is a great advantage,"explains Christoph Eder, founder and Managing Director of CMJ. The leasingperiod for the new all-electric PX 80-380 with a clamping force of 800 kN isinitially three years. The customer can then decide whether to extend thecontract, keep the machine or conclude a Rent-it contract for a new machine.This also provides the opportunity, for example, after the experiences gainedover the past years, to change to another, for example a greater clampingforce, or to book additional technical options.

The newall-electric PX 80 is replacing an old hydraulic injection moulding machine atCMJ. The company produces around the clock, seven days a week. With thesenumbers of units and owing to the improved energy efficiency, the changeover tothe new all-electric injection moulding machine will pay off very quickly. Atthe same time, requirements are rising, the market is changing and increasinglydemands greater flexibility from manufacturers. "We often receive orderswith order lead times of just a few years. If we purchase a new machine forthis purpose, we must then utilize it to its full capacity. With the Rent-itmodel, we can flexibly hire the production capacity only for the requiredperiod," explains Eder.

Included inthe Rent-it package for the PX 80 are the warranties and services such asmaintenance and spare parts service. Here, the focus is on the life-cycleconcept. This means that, in an ideal scenario, the monthly fee coverseverything that can occur during the life of the machine used in production. Themonthly leasing fees are thus calculable fixed costs for the user. "Weknow exactly what payments we must calculate for the next three years and wecan reliably state our prices accordingly. This ensures reliable financialplanning for us," says Eder.

With theRent-it model, KraussMaffei is cooperating with an internationally activeleasing company and offers two packages. In the "Speed & Standardpackage" with a predefined leasing period, which covers systems of up to250,000 euros, the contract processing is fast and convenient at the customer'sfacility. For orders with large volumes of over 250,000 euros there aremultiple customized options ("Flexible & Tailored") withpremature return or contract extension - and the financing partner thereforealso backs this with comprehensive customer support.

If, afterthe contract period, the leased machine is returned to KraussMaffei, thecooperation with Gindumac opens up completely new opportunities for worldwidemarketing. The startup operates a globally oriented Internet platform for usedmachines, which digitally connects all offers and all demanders worldwide witheach other at the same time. The advantages of this business model, in turn,have a positive effect on the calculation of leasing rates.

State-of-the-artmachinery, more flexibility in production and greater reliability in financialplanning - for Christoph Eder, the Rent-it model from KraussMaffei is aguarantee for success which will support the young company CMJ in its futuregrowth. There is sufficient space for new injection moulding machines in thenew factory hall, which is to be ceremoniously opened this year. And if thewords of Christoph Eder are followed - by all means as Rent-it models.

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