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Production of plastic pressing compacts as final or semi-product using plastic molding injection or compression molding under manufacturing, commercial agency or distribution services agreement

Slovak company from southwest of Slovakia, oriented to production of plastic pressing compacts, with more than 20 years experience in the branch and cooperating with neighbouring countries is offering:
- pressing of thermoplastic briquets
- pressing of reaktoplastic (crosslinked polymers formed during the molding of the plastic by heat and pressure. After hardening plastic becomes non-meltable and insoluble)

Company during the manufacturing proces uses plastic molding injection or compression molding for materials like polyamide, polycarbonate, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polybutylene terephthalate and formaldehyde resins. Products are made on plastic injection press machines with maximum injection capacity 2.500 cm3, maximum injection weight 2,2 kg and press force from 800 to 2000kN.

Products can be used in:
a) automotive industry as car parts
b) in electrotechnical industry as sub-components for manufacture of electrical devices, such as circuit breakers, shields, cam switches, home electrical installation material
c) home use as trays, pots, measuring cups, flower pots, baskets, kitchen dishes etc.

Established in 1992, company is looking for industrial company from plastic sector using plastic pressing compacts as final product or semi-product for their further production, as well as commercial agents and distribution companies dealing with plastic compacts for long-term cooperation under manufacturing agreement, commercial agency or distribution services agreement in European countries, as they want to enter into new markets, strengthen position in current markets and offer free manufacturing capacity to new clients.

» Reference: BOSK20161109002/

» Sector: Tecnologías de Materiales Manufactura Industrial Industria

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