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Portable device for safe and quick disposal of injection needles and scalpels

Handling sharp instruments (mainly syringes and scalpels) during patients care as well as during the management of the disposables involves a high and permanent risk of suffering work-related accidents in Health Centres, both for the healthcare workers as well as for the workers in charge of managing the sharps waste. These accidents can lead to serious infections caused by virulent pathogens with consequent physical damages and socio-economic costs for all parties involved. Figures provided by internationally recognized bodies in the field of health protection and disease prevention show this risk (the World Health Organisation, the European Biosafety Network, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, etc). Furthermore, the management of clinical/biomedical waste, particularly that of sharps waste, causes high economic cost for Health Centres as well as high environmental cost for the whole society. According to WHO, worldwide about 16 billion of disposable syringes are used and discarded annually. Although there are currently in the market some devices trying to provide solutions to the aforementioned issues (e.g.: security containers, tanks, etc.), they do not offer a satisfactory solution to reduce either work accidents by the use of sharp instruments in Health Centres or sharps waste management costs.

A Spanish company specialized in the development of medical instruments has developed and patented a device that can significantly reduce the risk of suffering work accidents by puncture or cutting due to the use of syringes and scalpels in Health Centres.

The device consists of a reduced-size (29 cm high x 15 cm wide x 15 cm deep) electric machine and a bio-waste sealed container for sharps. Its design allows separating in an automatic, quick, easy and safe way the needles from the plastic part of any kind of syringe as well as the blades from the scalpels. In fact, only one hand is needed to perform the separation of needles and blades from the main body which are automatically stored in the sealed container, thus avoiding any contact with the sharp elements. This automatic separation and storage mechanism makes it possible to significantly reduce work accidents by punctures and cuts. Moreover, it contributes to reducing the costs of clinical/biomedical waste management, particularly that of sharps waste, by optimizing the storage space, as well as the costs of recycling since the metal and plastic components of syringes and scalpels are separated immediately after being used in Health Centres. The sealed container has a capacity for between 8.000 and 10.000 needles and blades.

After manufacturing a prototype and conducting product evaluations and demonstrations at international trade fairs, the company intends to start the manufacture and commercialisation of this device. For this purpose the company would like to find partners which highly value the market potential of this product as well as its advantages, and are willing to pool resources and jointly take risks. Thus, the company believes that the most appropriate types of cooperation agreements are:

1) Commercial with technical assistance.
2) Financial
3) Joint venture.

The first type of agreement is offered to manufacturers of medical equipment and devices, distributors of medical supplies, or companies specialized in the management of clinical wishing to prescribe and market the device among its customers. The second type of agreement is offered to investors (private or institutional).

» Reference: TOES20170612001/SPAIN

» Sector: Medicine and Health Manufactura Industrial Servicios financieros, legales, profesionales y otros    Industria

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